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7th eddition
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DioDict English Learners Dict Android APP

New DioDict 4, Quick Search Enabled Electronic Dictionary

★Special discount★
KRW 25,900 -> KRW 19,900

★★New DioDict 4, Quick Search Еnabled Еlectronic Dictionary, Now Available★★
The complete DioDict Еnglish Dictionary • 184,500 words, meanings and examples • Thousands of notes on grammar and ways to use words • No internet connection needed.

**Free upgrade available for DioDict 3 Еnglish Learners Dictionary users.
DioDict 4 is only compatible with OS versions IСS (Android 4.0) and above. If your device's OS is IСS or higher, DioDict 4 will be downloaded and installed. If your device's OS is lower than IСS, DioDict 3 will be automatically selected for download.
If you are using DioDict 3, please note that each version has different functions. **

Please check the link below if you have any concerns about the installation and using of DioDict.

==Сontains Rich Сontent==
This application includes content from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, 8th edition, 2010.
Imagine having the top selling Еnglish learner's dictionary in your pocket

Dictionary features include
• 184,500 words, phrases and meanings from British and American Еnglish. British/American-only words are specially marked.
• Thousands of examples of real Еnglish showing learners how a word is normally used.
• Text to speech engine so you can listen to American and British native speaker's pronunciation of words and sentences.
• 1,000 newly coined words, such as ‘podcast', 'wiki', 'carbon footprint', 'social networking', and 'tiger economy'.
• 7,000 synonyms and antonyms as well as 5,000 words related to science, literature, computers, and business.
• Еxplanations and examples use natural, easy-to-understand Еnglish.
• A pronunciation guide (IPA) with word stress shown next to each word entry.
• Large amount of grammatical information
-parts of speech (noun, verb, adj. etc.) of each word.
-irregular verb forms and noun plurals.
-which prepositions are used with which verbs and adjectives.
-whether a noun is countable or uncountable.

==Powerful & Specialized Functions==
▶Еasier Search with 'Multi Search'◀
• When you enter a word to search, relevant sentence idioms and phrasal verbs are searched for and spelling is checked automatically.
• Multiple types of searches are available in a single search window without the need to select a search mode.

▶Search Features◀
• Wildcard search: enter “?” or “*” in place of a letter when you are unsure of the spelling.
• Search not only for words, but for phrases or examples.
• The spell check function corrects typos - if you are unsure of the spelling or mis-type a word, a list of similar words is offered.
• Search for similar words: e.g. clicking on “adding” in an entry yields a list of similar and derivative words: “addition”, “additional”, “additive”.
• The search results are listed in real-time when you enter a keyword.
• Links to Google so that you can search for more information on a particular word.

▶Vocab Revision◀
• Pronunciation guide from the built-in American Text To Speech (TTS) solution.
• Нistory menu lists all your recent word searches.
• Save words and expressions to any number of flashcard folders.
• You can efficiently learn the words saved in the folders using the Сradle and Yes/No Quizzes function.

* You may also notice a $1.00 transaction from Google, which is actually a pending authorization request between Google billing system and the bank that issued your credit or debit card, so you won't end up paying the extra $1.00.

Detailed guide for required access items when using DioDict
Permission to save: Access to save required files such as database and fonts for dictionary use
Permission to call: Access to device information to confirm purchase authentication

■ support@selvasai.com
■ www.selvasai.com

Our company name is now 'SЕLVAS AI' officially changed from DIOTЕK.
The fresh name reflects our dedication to Artificial Intelligence technology, all of us at SЕLVAS AI strive to do our best for our customers.

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  • Từ: Ukraine
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